One Unplugged Man’s Notes


True masculine, Redpill men love women. We value women and we understand how they compliment our lives and missions. We understand the polarity and complimentary dynamic.


How Feminism Hurts Our Children: Part III

So what are you gonna do about it? A masculine father who is rooted in his role can model a more appealing alternative to his children than what modern, radical Feminism of today has to offer. He can do this in several ways.

Your Marriage Doesn’t Define You — Merry Christmas.

Women can add value to our lives but should never be the focus or integral to our happiness. On Christmas Eve, I had this vision, this desire, after the kids had gone to bed, to sit by the tree, watch the lights, sip a bourbon and listen to Handel's Messiah. I pictured doing this with … Continue reading Your Marriage Doesn’t Define You — Merry Christmas.